Group Health Insurance and Employee Wellness: An Apple A Day Keeps Your Premiums At Bay

By William Johnson

President and CEO of CIBC of Illinois, Inc

 In my business, I am fortunate to get a lot of opportunities to educate people. Whether I am talking with an employer or an employee, the best type of communication is when ideas are being shared, questioned, and integrated into a broader context. wellnessGraphicThis kind of critical approach to education is always the best, mostly because the knowledge becomes ingrained with the overall picture rather than a top-down pontification that is in one ear and out of the other.

 So in the arena of employee wellness, I am usually having proactive discussions with employers about the overall picture of employee wellness and their overall costs of benefits. When talking with employees, it is usually a reactive discussion because the employer’s rates are going through the roof due to claims related to poor health choices. The best answer to combating a ‘sick’ group is to get the employees well and into healthy lifestyle choices. For large and small companies alike, some benefits of a robust Wellness Program, in addition to reduced premiums,  include:

  • Reduced Sick leave
  • Improved Workplace Morale
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Company Loyalty
  • Increased Productivity

 Keys to a Successful Wellness Program

 It’s important to get buy-in from everyone involved. A program will not be successful without the involvement and promotion of the program by managers. This Management Survey should be distributed so front-line managers can ascertain their role in the program.

Employee Wellness Survey 

Survey your employees about their needs. This employee interests and needs survey is designed for just that.

Workplace Audit                                                           

 The next phase is to look at your workplace for anything that will stand in the way of success. This Workplace Health Audit will identify any potential problems.

 Wellness Programs

 Our Three Levels of Wellness form should be used to evaluate your current practices and establish a plan for the future. We can implement these programs for you, or augment your current programs.

 HIPAA Compliance

 Make sure you keep compliant with HIPAA. This informative brief can help keep you compliant.

Start a Health Fair

 One of the best ways to get a full wellness initiative off the ground is by holding a Health and Benefits Fair. CIBC plans and executes benefits fairs for our clients as part of our service offering, and we provide the service as part of a fee based, stand-alone service.  

Healthcare Reform has also provided grants for companies undergoing a wellness initiative, so if you are interested in looking at how the entire picture of Wellness applies to you and your business, contact us today. Wellness, no matter what the size of your group, is a critical part of controlling healthcare costs. It is one of our Solutions….that Work!

This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Please consult with a legal professional for legal opinions.

 To get more information on CIBC of Illinois, visit us at www.CIBCINC.Com or call toll free 877-936-3580.


About CIBCsolutions

CIBC is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative employee benefits plans. Headquartered an hour south of Chicago in Kankakee, CIBC has branch offices throughout Illinois serving private sector clients, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and Taft-Hartley health and welfare funds across the Midwest. Over the past two decades, we have creatively addressed the employee benefits needs of hundreds of organizations — some with as few as two employees and others with as many as 25,000 employees around the globe. A relationship with CIBC gives you access to a team of employee benefits experts who are among the most knowledgeable consultants, analysts and account managers in the industry. With more than 75 years of experience, our team commands the respect of insurers and health care providers nationwide.

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