Workplace Wellness: Success Depends On Access and Accountablity

By Anne Kidd, RN
Director of Health and Wellness Solutions

One of our goals here at CIBC is to work with companies to drive healthy behavior changes in the workplace setting. We provide individualized Wellness Solutions by helping companies to change their culture of health and adopt and maintain those healthier behaviors.

In this day and age it makes financial sense for employers to invest in nutrition and overall health and fitness education for their employees. What we eat and how much we exercise can have a direct impact on the workplace. Studies show that employees are more likely to continue with a fitness/weight loss program if they have access to a fitness professional that will help them to remain accountable to someone.

As a Health and Wellness professional my role is to assess the employee and then begin to educate, empower and promote positive change that will give the employee the confidence needed to realize their potential and begin to follow a healthier lifestyle. Employees are encouraged to outline their own personal health goals and the steps they feel ready to take in working towards those goals. My job is to function as a supportive educator, a source of accountability and as a professional resource to direct the course of change and maximize the likelihood for success.


About CIBCsolutions

CIBC is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative employee benefits plans. Headquartered an hour south of Chicago in Kankakee, CIBC has branch offices throughout Illinois serving private sector clients, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and Taft-Hartley health and welfare funds across the Midwest. Over the past two decades, we have creatively addressed the employee benefits needs of hundreds of organizations — some with as few as two employees and others with as many as 25,000 employees around the globe. A relationship with CIBC gives you access to a team of employee benefits experts who are among the most knowledgeable consultants, analysts and account managers in the industry. With more than 75 years of experience, our team commands the respect of insurers and health care providers nationwide.

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